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Through our personal experience extending since 2006 until today with a case of motor disability, and with multiple treatment centers specialized in the rehabilitation of the motor system, starting from Syria, Lebanon, Hungary, Slovakia, Britain, Switzerland and Germany, and through knowledge of the full details of the treatment journey And the difficulties that parents will face during it, whether in their country or in any other country, and based on the distinguished results we obtained thanks to our persistence on the path we were convinced from the beginning that it is the best way to obtain the desired results, we found it necessary to establish this project so that we can provide Consultations and training courses specialized in guiding parents towards the right path and working with them as a team, which will save them a lot of effort, time and money, thus this will reflect positively directly on their psychological and physical health, and this will ultimately benefit the daughter or son.

Who are our clients

(The Cerebral palsy, Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system)

Every family has this type of injury for the first time and has no idea how to start treatment.

Every family has several options for treatment and does not know where to start and how to prioritize.

Every family has already entered a treatment experience, but it did not achieve the desired results, and after that it was disappointed and frustrated, so it decided to stop at the point it had reached.

Every family who does a certain treatment for their child has the feeling that this method is useless, but there is no information available about any second method or other alternatives.

• Parents who are going through difficult psychological conditions as a result of the medical situation of their children, as well as children and adolescents who are going through difficult psychological conditions as a result of their situation in a way that this pressure reflects directly on their psychological status and social communication, as well as their educational status.

Our Goals

Training and supporting parents to prepare the appropriate treatment plan for their children, in partnership with the specialized medical team.

Then accompany the parents step-by-step during the implementation of the treatment plan, so that they become familiar with the full details and the extent to which the benefits are achieved through it, and how the treatment plan for the next stage can proceed appropriately and successfully as well.

With this strategy, parents ensure the implementation of the correct treatment plan, which takes into consideration the psychological, health and material conditions of their children and the health and psychological status of their daughter or son alike.

Our ambition

Giving children and their families’ the ability to prepare an effective treatment plan on their own, which is closely related to reality, so that they become a deciding party in it, not just an implementer and financier.

That the treatment journey passes in a way that parents and children do not exhaust their psychological and physical energy.


The proverb says, “Ask the tempter, and do not ask the wise.”

As for us, we say: “Ask the experimenter who will advise you of the right sage.”

When we decided to establish this project, it was because of our absolute conviction that those with personal experiences have additional qualifications to work in the field of providing consulting and training.

As we know that the health issue is highly sensitive to every person who seeks healing and is aware that the success of the treatment plan will not come only by providing amenities and comfort during stay in medical centers.

Through the common language between him and us, through which he will not have to tire and distract his mind to express his priorities, he will be able to focus greatly and usefully on the most important thing for him, which is healing, we can develop and complete the treatment plan correctly.

This is exactly what we seek to provide through this project, by getting advice from someone who has gone through a personal and health experience similar to your current experience, he knows exactly what your priorities are and how you should arrange them and he is the only person who can understand your feelings and your eagerness to provide the best for yourself.

We will be with you at every step of the treatment, starting from obtaining the medical opinion from the specialists until implementing all their recommendations regarding the subject of treatment, taking into consideration the psychological, moral and physical condition of you and your children alike.


Are the results guaranteed?

This is the question that the mother and father have before their child undergoes any kind of treatment and before heading to any center, “Will the results be 100% successful?!”

Here it is necessary to answer professionally and realistically, when you go to a country that has a great reputation for its hospitals and treatment centers, this does not mean directly obtaining excellent results quickly and immediately.

It must be noted here that the journey is long and the road is not without obstacles and bumps, and there is no single country, city or center capable of fully accomplishing the task.

Sometimes it may be useful and necessary to move from one country to another and change the type of treatment according to what the stage requires at the time, and the level of development of the child. Also, the large amounts spent are not a measure of the success of the treatment. The higher amount of the bill does not mean that the results are necessarily better.

Therefore, we will provide you with all the information that will enable you to make the appropriate and correct decision.

What can we do when a baby has an infection?

In this case, we assume that you have no previous experience in terms of the type of injury and available treatment methods, as well as the time usually required for treatment and the amount of money to be saved. So where do we start and how?!

Despite this, you have a great opportunity to rehabilitate his motor system. The sooner treatment begins, the better the results will be, and the treatment journey may become shorter.

In certain countries, for example, they start treatment from the age of only three weeks, and this is reflected in a noticeable benefit to the child’s motor development, and saves a lot of time for him in the future.

Which therapy center is the best?

We heard that the centers in America are excellent. .. A friend of ours advised us about a center in Germany and another said that Eastern Europe only has excellent centers for physical therapy and so on … Many stories and advice you may get from here and there, but the most important thing that you should know is that the methods of rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system do not exceed seven methods On the other hand, there are dozens of rehabilitation centers, and this means choosing the treatment method is the main step, and then choosing the center comes.


We may hear that a particular centre has achieved impressive results for a particular child, but this does not necessarily mean that the same results can be achieved for our child. Each case has its own specificity which may not apply to other cases, even if they share some details, but it differs, off course, in many details. The family may have sometimes twins who suffer from the same issue. The method of therapy may prove adequate for one twin more the other. One of them may resort to undergo a surgery while the other may not. This means we must not go to a particular centre because one family has praised it. We must not as well do a surgery for our child just because the centre has achieved impressive results with another child. You must exclusively take your decision after you have sufficiently acquired all the information. This includes information on the therapy methods available, what the exact role of every method is, and whether they are suitable for this stage or must be postponed or even discarded. Your selection should depend on the case of your child, and it should not be benchmarked against other cases.

It is usual everywhere, and not only in the Arab countries, that the child’s family is flooded with advice from relatives, friends, work colleagues and even from neighbours. Much of this advice cannot be taken because it usually comes from persons who have no practical expertise or personal experience in the rehabilitation of the locomotor system.
Advice is necessary and useful in most cases because it is difficult to gather all information available on the types of therapies and names of centres. However, it is better for you to take advice from families who have prior expertise and have gone through personal experiences in this field. You must always remember that the injuries are not at the same level and the that the benefit percentage may vary from one child to another.

The role of parents in the therapy journey is usually restricted only to covering the therapy costs on the ground that they are not doctors or physical therapists. This is theoretically true, but the parents are the ones who live with their child step by step. As a result, they are the only ones who can understand the indications of satisfaction or dissatisfaction made by their child as a reaction to the therapy method in place. Through our experience, we have come to know surely that the parents are pivotal elements in contributing to decision making regarding following, amending or even replacing the therapy plan. The more the parents understand their role and get involved at the core of the therapy plan the more benefit the child obtains. He will also follow the therapy steps more quickly and with more efficiency. Through our mutual work, the parents will have the ability, after we qualify and train them, to continue the therapy journey on their own in a correct and useful way that reflects the maximum level of benefit for the child.


What is the treatment plan and why is it important?

Through our personal experience, we found that correct plan-ning in advance saves a lot of effort on the family and the daughter or son in particular, and also saves financial costs sig-nificantly.

Here it is necessary to note a very important point, which is that the path of rehabilitation of the locomotor system has many stages that experience sometimes imposes on us, and therefore this experiment may be successful or unsuccessful in some cases.

Therefore, repeating the same experiences without planning necessarily leads to wasting efforts and spending sums of money that can be better utilized.

Here comes the role of the treatment plan, as it is a compre-hensive program of treatment ranging in duration from a few months to a year as a maximum, in accordance with each case, in a way that saves effort and money to the greatest extent possible.

The plan includes a detailed explanation of the treatment methods that are preferred to be followed, in addition to the names and addresses of the best centers to implement those methods.

It also includes all the expected expenses during the treatment period, including treatment expenses, accommodation, travel and others.

It helps guide you on the right path from the beginning if the journey has just begun, or it is enough to re-continue the path correctly if the treatment journey has already started some time ago.

The requirements for the correct treatment come in sequence through the following points:

 Choosing the necessary treatment and the appropriate center.

 Get treatment in a timely manner.

Securing the money needed to cover treatment expenses.

All the previous points, it is better to put them within a clear and organized treatment plan, and they should be developed by an expert and someone with personal experience in the field of motor system rehabilitation.

Do not hesitate to contact us to develop the appropriate plan and train you to develop future plans.


– Providing psychological counseling to parents.

– Providing training courses for parents in many aspects on the level of physical and psychological health, and helping parents to go the path of treatment for their children with greater strength, determination and high self-confidence.

– Training parents to develop the correct treatment plan and help them achieve it optimally.

– Providing psychological support sessions and training courses for children and adolescents with special motor needs. These courses will increase their self-confidence and help them to better deal with the movement difficulties that they have, and through them they will be able to achieve psychological balance and focus on the positive aspects and the great sources of strength that they have.

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