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Through our personal experiences, which extend from 2006, with multiple therapy centers specialized in musculoskeletal system rehabilitation programs starting from Syria, Hungary, Slovakia, Britain, Switzerland and lately Germany; we have a profound understanding of the difficulties that every parents may go through during the treatment period of their child. Either in their home country or abroad. Our remarkable improvement was the result of a long journey and strong believes which is never giving up and keep hope. This result was the reason we started this business so we can guide the parents through their journey and share with them all the information they need to work as one team. This will spare them a lot of time and money, and will therefore be reflected through a direct benefit to their child.

Who are our clients

(The Cerebral palsy, Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system)
• Families who are facing this kind of injury for the first time and have no idea how or where to start the treatment.
• Families who have several choices and do not know where to start or how to arrange the priorities.
• Families who have decided to discontinue the therapy after their recent treatment experience that did not reach the expected results. 
• Families with the frustration about their unavailing efforts after treating their children with a specific method and having no other solution or therapeutic measures.

Our Goals

Preparing the therapy’s plan, with the participation of the expert team and the family, in accordance with the health condition of the child and taking into consideration the family’s financial situation. Accompanying the parents, step by step, during the therapy’s implementation until they become fully acquainted with all necessary details to achieve benefits and how to proceed to the next stage of therapy in appropriate and successful way.

Our ambition

We will help the child and parents until they will be able to develop their own therapy plan according to the child condition, so they can be more involved in every decision they make and capable to be more in control of the stages and results.


It is said, ask the one who tried rather than a wise doctor.
But we say: ask both of them, because the one who went through the treatment experience would guide you to the right doctor.

When we decided to work in the medical mediation, we were completely convinced that people with personal experience (especially concerning their health issues) may have supplemental competences to work in this domain with all the sensitive aspects that comes with. The relief of anyone hoping to recover from an illness does not depend on material comfort only, like living in a contented house or having a luxurious car with a private driver. This relief needs a shared language through which he (or she) would easily express their priorities and focus on the most important concern that he (or she) has; healing. This will be achieved by obtaining the righteous advice of a person who had been through the same experience you have now. He knows exactly which are the priorities for you now and how to put them in order. He is the only person that understands your feelings and how much you are keen to achieve the best. He will accompany you, step by step, through the therapy starting from the moment you have the medical judgment until the implementation of the therapeutic measurements taken by the medical team.


Which therapy center is the best?


We heard that the therapeutic centers in the U.S.A are excellent… A good friend advised a center in Germany while another one argued about those of Eastern Europe specialized in physical reeducation…etc… Many are the stories and advices that you may encounter. However the most essential thing you need to know is that the methods used for musculoskeletal system rehabilitation are not more than seven methods even though hundreds of reeducation centers exist. This means that choosing the reeducational method is the first thing to do before choosing the center.

Are the results guaranteed?

The principal question that concerns the parents before starting any therapy or going to any medical center is about the efficacy of the treatments and their chances to be successful. It is important then to give a realistic and a professional answer. Targeting a country with a very good reputation about its hospitals and therapeutic centers, does not necessarily means that you will obtain significant results immediately. It is worthy to indicate that the therapy is extended and full of difficulties and ambushes. There is no one special country or town or center that is provided with the whole facilities necessary to completely achieve the mission. It is sometimes better, if not necessary, to move from one country to another in order to change the kind of therapy in a way that it would be in compliance with the stage of the illness of the child and his development. It is also true that the high sums of money spent on such treatment are not in proportion with its success. It is our mission to provide you with all the information needed to take the best decision


What to do in case of a newborn injury?

In this case, we may assume that you do not have a prior experience about the kind of injury and the available therapies. You may also be unaware of the time and cost of the treatment. At this stage, although the chances to rehabilitate the musculoskeletal system are more important, you may not have a clear picture concerning the beginning of treatment, how and when. It is worthy to note that the earlier therapy gives better results and needs shorter treatment period. In Hungary, for example, treatment begins in 3-week old babies and shows remarkable benefit concerning the motion development of the child in a shorter period.


When we hear about very good results achieved in a center for a child, it does not mean that the same results can be achieved for our child. Each case has its own specificities and it does not match all the other cases. There may be some similarities, but it differs generally in other details. This may be occasionally the case of families that have twins presenting the same injury when the same treatment may give the desirable results for only one of them while a surgical intervention is required for the other one. This is why it is not sufficient to choose one center because it was known to have provided excellent result for a child neither to make a surgical intervention if it gave some exceptional outcome for another. Your choice and decision need totally to be taken after having all the information. Such information about the different therapeutic methods and what advantage each one has, also if it fits with the stage of the illness and its temporal convenience (to be delayed or abandoned…). Your choice is based on the condition of your child and should not be measured by other cases.

It is not excluded to the Arabic countries that parents may be submerged by suggestions and advices coming from relatives, friends, colleagues or even neighbors. Many of these suggestions cannot be taken into account when they come from inexperienced persons in regard of the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.

The recommendation is necessary and fruitful generally because the parents may not be able to simply assemble all the information about therapy centers, therapeutic methods…etc. However, a better way would be to talk to people with a prior personal experience in the domain, keeping in mind that all the injuries are different and the benefit of treatment methods is relative to the specific case.

It is considered that the role of parents is generally restricted to the cost-coverage of the therapy all through its duration. This is true on the theoretical level. However, the parents are the only persons who continuously live with the ill child. Therefore, they have the capacity to understand every sign and gesture about the satisfaction or discontent of their child in reaction to the method of therapy employed. Through our own experience, we are sure that the parents are essential when it comes to make a decision about the maintenance of a method, its adjustment or even change. The better understanding of the parents to their essential role in the therapeutic method will be reflected by a better progress for the child, which pushes forwards the efficacy of the treatment. By working together with the parents in order to give them the suitable training and preparation, they will be able to continue on their own on the right way to give their child the best of the possible results.


What is the therapy’s plan and how can this be important?

During our personal experience, we came to the conclusion that the prior convenient planning saves the family, and especially the child, a lot of efforts and money. We should mention here that the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system is a multi-step procedure that occasionally imposes experimental approaches, which do not always lead to the desired results. So that, repeating the experimentations, without planning, leads inevitably to a waste of efforts and money uselessly.

The therapy’s plan is a comprehensive program about the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system which ranges, depending on the specificity of the case, from several months to a maximal duration of one year. Through which a lot of efforts and money can be maximally saved. 
It consists of a detailed explanation about the therapeutic methods to be preferably applied and the names and addresses of the best known centers to provide them. 
It also contains the expected costs of the therapy all through its duration including the costs of travel and stay.
This is particularly helpful as it indicates the right step to make in case of a primer injury or how to redirect or continue on the right way in case or a prior therapy.

The requirements for a right therapy are the following:

 Choosing the adequate therapy and the appropriate center.

 Choosing the right time for the therapy.

 Insuring to have the money needed to cover all the costs of the therapy.


All the aforementioned points may preferably be planned for in a clear and organized way, and it should be made with the assistance of an expert or a person with a personal experience concerning the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.


What is the therapy’s plan and how can this be important?

During our personal experience, we came to the conclusion that the prior convenient planning saves the family, and especially the child, a lot of efforts and money. We should mention here that the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system is a multi-step procedure that occasionally imposes experimental approaches, which do not always lead to the desired results. So that, repeating the experimentations, without planning, leads inevitably to a waste of efforts and money uselessly.

Extra services:


1- Booking and reservation for a place to stay and accommodation at the hotel or apartment housing.

2- Transportation from the airport to the residence. 

3- Entertainment plans for all of the family members.

4- Provide the best and the latest method’s of assistant (wheelchair, walker, bandages and splints. Etc)

5- All the usual services provided by the travel and tourism agencies. 

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